Creating an App on cidaas

cidaas lets you create an application for your enterprise and implement a specific feature or advanced setting in the Administrator UI.

Here are the steps to create an App in the cidaas administrator interface, which is accessible after you've sign up with cidaas.

1. Navigate to the cidaas Administrator dashboard -> Apps -> App Settings.

2. Click on the Create New App button.

3. Enter a unique app name and select the App type based on the type you want to create. Then, click on the Next button.

4. Under App Settings, select the scopes based on which your users will be authenticated on your app like email, openid, profile, etc.

5. Next, select the Hosted Page Group value(s) from the dropdown list (optional). Otherwise, the value default is selected.

6. Provide the Redirect URLs and Allow Logout URLs links in the respective textboxes. Redirect URL is the web location where your user will be redirected to after a successful authentication while the Logout URL is the location of the landing page for user logout.

Then, click on the Next button to continue.

7. Under Company Details, type in the details for Company Name, Company Address, and Website URL. You could also provide the values for other optional fields based on your requirement. Finally, click on the Submit button.

A success confirmation window appears when you click on the Submit button indicating that the application is created successfully.

8. Once the App is created, it appears in the Apps List under App Settings.

You are now ready to use the new application integrated with cidaas' IAM services.

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