Why cidaas for Cloud Identity Management?

Today's competitive landscape calls for better security implementation for user accounts. With customers becoming more demanding and applications becoming critical, a seasoned and reliable CIMS helps manage both optimally.

Any business application must provide secure access to its entitled users. With cidaas, customers this is taken care of.

You can register and login as an administrator and manage how your users will access their accounts based on their needs. cidaas provides an intelligent connect between user convenience and account security!

With cidaas you can:

  • Achieve reliable identification of your customers and their accounts across all channels.

  • Manage all your channels and services and replace your "Old Access Management" with ease.

  • Guide your customers on their customer journey and implement the best solutions.

  • Gain maximum transparency on costs and implementation.

  • Secure your applications through analytics-driven insights.

  • Achieve 3X the ROI on your applications.

Benefits of cidaas


  • Securing your portals and Web APIs using OAuth2 and OpenID Connect.
  • Cloud Services are hosted in Germany: Responsible handling of customer data in accordance with the German Data Protection Act.
  • Multi-Factor Authorization: Additional security in case of any unauthorized access attempt.
  • Additional protection by Automatic Monitoring: Automatic verification of the token, the roles and scopes in the background for each request.
  • Fraud & Anomaly Detection: Using Machine learning algorithms and Big Data technology.


  • Single Sign-On (SSO): End user’s login using a single identity across all channels and services of the provider.
  • cidaas Webhooks: Advanced Event handling using Webhooks in cidaas.
  • Users manage their profiles on their own, regarding social identities, password, preferred communication, devices used and many more.
  • User Self-Services: Registered users manage their account in a dedicated user-site themselves. This way, passwords or mail addresses are updated by the customer.

User Verification

  • Behavioral Analysis: Access tokens is monitored using advanced Big Data Technology and can thus be clearly assigned to a user.
  • Opt-in: After registration an automatic verification is received via email, SMS, or phone calls.
  • User de-duplication: Using advanced machine learning algorithms.


  • Client Specific Custom Fields in the User Data: cidaas offers its customers a multitude of freely specifiable custom fields for capturing tailored customer data. This profile information can be retrieved easily using OpenID Connect integration.
  • Custom UI and email templates.
  • Interceptors and SDKs at your disposal.


  • Automatic Reminder Towards Profile Activation: cidaas reminds the end user automatically after registration, to activate his profile. This helps in the validation of the specified contact information.
  • Scalable and agile 'software as a service'.
  • Zero down time and 24/7 customer support.


  • Create Custom App: Custom client-apps can be registered for use with cidaas to increase the application scope.
  • My Apps: Use your own apps in the cloud.
  • Third Party Apps: Benefit from the huge range of the already available apps!

Social login integration

  • Social Media Registration: Users can comfortably register using their favorite social network. Valuable customer information from their social data can be thus gained.


  • PSD2 offering.
  • B2C, B2B, B2E, solutions.
  • Enterprise Support: AD, LDAP and ADFS Integration.

Analytics and Reporting

Data from diverse Social Providers give insights on customer interests, hobbies, behavior pattern, user content, activities, demographic information, media preferences - cidaas transforms this information into useful knowledge for your business!

Want to know more about our analytics-driven IAM platform? Connect with our team today!

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