User Management

cidaas identifies users by their unique identity details such as:

  • Username and Password
  • User Profile

You can manage users by creating roles and assigning them to the user profiles. Roles specify the set of permissions for actions or tasks, and previliges for the users.

The role associated with a user profile defines the permissions and previliges available for the user.

For example a user profile with an Administrator role will have the permissions and previliges to do the following:

  • Search users
  • Create users
  • Change user information
  • Delete users
  • Invite users
  • Assign roles for users

This section will provide information for the following topics:

User Search

Role Master

Invite User

Create User

Procedure Topics

Allow only this Email to Signup – Check

Allow only this Email to Signup - Uncheck

Invite Secondary Administrator

User Metrics

Search Filter


Reset Password- Classic User

User Activities

Deactivate User

Activate Account

Resend Verification Email

Submit User Data

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