Getting Started - User Self-Service Portal

Three ways to register with cidaas

1. Manual/Classic Registration

2. Registration using Socail Providers

3. Administrator Invite/Create

An Administrator can Invite Users or Create Users, When done so, the cirresponding users gets an email notification based on the App assigned to the user, as in the below screen:

1. Once the user click on the provided link, the user is redirected to the cidaas registration screen as shown in the screen below,

2. Enter the username

3. Enter email ID (refer Invite User section to know more about email id Allow only this email to signup- check and Allow only this Email to Signup - Uncheck)

4. Enter the given name

5. Enter the family name

6. Enter password

7. Confirm the entered password

8.Enter mobile number

9. Select the gender from the drop down

10. Click “Create Account” button, The below verification screen gets displayed:

Note By default, cidaas provides _Email/Text Message(SMS)/IVR verification_.

The multifactor authentication (by default, cidaas provides Email/IVR/TEXT Messages)

If the user selects Email as multifactor authentication method an email notification will be sent to the corresponding email ID.


If user select IVR as multifactor authentication method a computer-generated voice call will provide corresponding verification code to the registered mobile number.


If user select Text Message as multifactor authentication, an SMS notification will be sent to the corresponding registered mobile number.

11. Click any one of the verification option

12. For example, Select email as verification method. An email notification is sent to the corresponding user’s email, as in the below screen:

13. Enter the six-digit verification code, as in the below screen:

14. Click “Verify” button, the below screen gets displayed:

15. Click “Back to Login”. the cidaas login page gets displayed, Enter email and password:

Forgot Password:

If you need help resetting your password, cidaas provide the option called forgot password. Just provide the email address that you used when you signed up for your account. We will send you an email that will allow you to reset your password.

1. Click Forgot password, it will ask your registered email address.

2. After given email address click on “Reset” button and send password reset verification code send to the corresponding valid user email.

3. Check your email inbox, if it is not there you have to check your spam/junk box. Once find the email copy the verification code.

4. Paste the verification code in the corresponding field and click on “Verify” button.

5. After clicked Verify button if it is true verification code it will redirect to “Reset Password” Page. Here user can able to reset their old password once it is done click on “Change Password” button.

Now successfully Reset your password.

Remember Me:

  • On the cidaas login form, select the checkbox against “Remember Me”, to store the login form data including username and password in a related cookie.

  • Next time when a user visits the login page it read the saved user name and password from the cookie, then click login button, which automatically redirects to the web portal.

  • In case, you clear cookies in browser then the “remember me” option will not work unless you must enter the username and password.

  • It is a time saver that means you don’t have to put in your login details(password) again and again.

16. Click “Login” button, the User Profile screen gets displayed, where user can change to the provided personal information.

User Activities

User Activities serves to proactively review end user activity to determine and track user behavior on devices and on the ,web portal.

From the user profile portal, click "User Activities". The below details gets displayed:

Change Password

After successful registration/ login, user can change the password anytime.

1. Enter the old password.

2. Enter the new password.

3. Confirm the entered new password.

4. Click “Save Changes” button. The password gets saved.

cidaas provides few unique features to manage user logins that have similar or shared resource needs. 2 or more user accounts could be linked in the following scenarios:

  • The same user has 2 or more accounts in the App (or Portal) and wants to link all those accounts

  • 2 users want to link their accounts to one another

In both the above mentioned scenarios, the “Link/Unlink Account” option could be used.

In other words, “Linking” of two accounts would mean sharing resources between two user accounts, while maintaining individual User Profiles. Any of the logins will see superset of the resources owned by each login. The greatest access privilege will be enjoyed by both logins.

  • Login to your business portal with the credentials corresponding to the Account (For e.g., Account A) to which another account (For e.g., Account B) has to be linked to.

  • Navigate to the User Profile section (Mostly seen at the top right corner of the web portal)

  • On the User Profile page displayed, click on “Link/Unlink Account”

  • In the “Email” field seen on the page, enter the Email ID corresponding to the account (Account B) which needs to be linked to this Account (Account A) and click on “Send Code

Note The Email ID being entered should have a valid registered customer account on your Web Portal. Otherwise linking of the account cannot be performed.
  • A verification code will be sent to the registered email ID corresponding to Account B. Enter that verification code and click on “Verify” button.

Account B is now successfully linked to Account A.

Note If Account A has Administrator privileges but Account B has only User privileges, then after Account B is linked to Account A, both Account A and Account B will have Administrator privileges. In other words, Account A will retain its privileges and the functionalities that have been configured for Account B, that are not configured for Account A will now be associated with Account A also.

All the meta data associated with Account B are now linked to Account A.

Note If you are configuring a second account with an already configured phone number, then both accounts are linked automatically.
  • On the Link/Unlink Account section of the User Profile page, click on the red button seen against the account (For e.g., here Account B) that you would want to unlink.

  • A verification code will be sent to the registered email ID corresponding to Account B. Enter that verification code and click on “Verify” button.

  • After successful verification, Account B is now unlinked from the primary Account, Account A.

Note Once an account is unlinked, the Unlinked account (Account B) loses its Identity and henceforth any login with that account is not possible.

Review Device

Here the user can able to enable the devices (mobile/personal computer) that can access his account information.

Mobile Devices

A mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone will present details such as when it was last synchronized with the user account, what web browsers may have been used, and the exact manufacturer and model of the device. An option to find the device if it gets lost is also provided.

Personal Computers

A personal computer such as a Windows PC or Mac will present you with a few details including what web browsers may have been used to access your account and a list of the most recent locations it was used.


1. To logout from the user activity screen, click "Logout"

2. A confirmation window popup, Do you want to logout is displayed., Click "YES" to confirm Logout or click Cancel, which redirects to user profile screen.

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