Getting Started - User Self-Service Portal

Three ways to register with cidaas

1. Manual/Classic Registration

2. Registration using Socail Providers

3. Administrator Invite/Create

An Administrator can Invite Users or Create Users to send these users an email notification based on the App assigned to them as shown below.

1. Once the user click on the provided link, the user is redirected to the cidaas registration screen as shown in the screen below:

2. Provide the username.

3. Provide the email ID (refer Invite User section to know more about email id Allow only this email to signup- check and Allow only this Email to Signup - Uncheck).

4. Provide the given name.

5. Provide the family name.

6. Type your password.

7. Confirm the password.

8. Enter the mobile number.

9. Select the gender from the drop-down list.

10. Click Create Account.

This displays the following verification screen.

Note: By default, cidaas provides Email/Text Message(SMS)/IVR verification for MFA.

  • If Email is selected, an email notification will be sent to the user's registered email ID.

  • If IVR is selected, a computer-generated voice assistant will provide the verification code over voice call on the registered mobile number.

  • If Text Message is selected, an SMS notification will be sent to the registered mobile number.

11. Enter the six-digit verification code, as in the below screen:

12. Click Verify. This will display the following screen.

13. Click Back to Login. The cidaas login page appears where you have to enter your email id and the password you've just set up.

Forgot Password

If you need help resetting your password, cidaas provide the option called forgot password. Just provide the email address that you used when you signed up for your account. We will send you an email that will allow you to reset your password.

1. Click Forgot password and provide the registered email address.

2. Click Reset to trigger the reset verification code to the registered email.

3. Type the verification code and click Verify.

4. The correct verification code will redirect you to the Reset Password page where the password can be reset by clicking the Change Password button.

Remember Me

When you log in to a specific website using cidaas, you are able to add a checkbox to the login page for Remember Me.

If the user selects this option, cidaas stores specific session-cookies to re-identify the user on consecutive logins. Remember Me eases future logins and minimises the need for the user to provide their login credentials again.

Browser cookies are useful to provide SSO to many applications. However,

Disclaimer: cidaas never stores sensitive user information like passwords. It uses OAuth2-compliant flows for passwordless authentication and SSO mechanisms to implement Remember Me which simplifies and secures logins.

  • When an application has Remember Me enabled via cidaas, the browser sets the cookie with a status indicator of whether the user has selected this option or not.
  • If yes, cidaas follows the authentication and authorization process flows based on the OAuth standards to verify session validity and automatically renews the authenticated and authorized session for securing user identity.
  • Remember me is configurable on the cidaas Admin dashboard under App Settings > Edit Apps > Advanced Settings.
  • On the cidaas login page, selecting Remember Me helps establish the authorized user for the app, and either logs in automatically, or prompts the user only for their password on subsequent logins.

User Activities

This feature helps review and track user activity and analyse user behavior on the devices, web portal, and other access points.

On the user profile page, click User Activities. The following information is displayed:

Change Password

The admin can change the user's account password with this option if the password is accidently compromised or to improve the security of the account by changing the password frequently.

To set a new password, on the admin dashboard, navigate to My Account > My Profile, then,

1. Click the Change Password tab.

Note: cidaas does not store any passwords using cookies or any other methods.

2. In the change password form, type the old password.

3. Then, type the new password and confirm the new password.

Note: Please ensure that these two passwords match. Otherwise, the system displays an error.

cidaas provides a value add feature to set a temporary password (numeric) by clicking the Generate button. A random numeric password is generated and displayed. The user can key this in to login temporarily. However, the user needs to reset the old password sooner once logged in.

4. (Optional Step) Select the client ID of the app to which this password should be mapped and the redirect URLs where the user will be routed after successful login.

5. You can also choose to notify the user when the password is changed and also enable changing the password on the user's next login.

6. Click Save.

The user account password is changed and a success message is displayed.

cidaas provides the convenience of managing one login on apps/accounts that use shared resources or need to be linked to each other. This is useful in case of enterprise portals that support the linking of diverse yet connected accounts. In such scenarios, you can link two or more user accounts and login only once through cidaas.

The Link/Unlink Account feature helps link two accounts for independent user profiles that use shared resources. Any of the linked accounts will have a superset of the resources owned by each profile with individual access privileges for each user account.

1. Login to the admin dashboard and navigate to My Account > My Profile > Link/Unlink Account.

2. Select Email, and type a valid email ID of an existing user account to be linked, or select Mobile and provide a valid phone number with country code.

When you select mobile, select the communication type as either SMS or IVR.

3. Click Send Code to send a verification code to the email ID or phone number you've provided.

4. Type the verification code received and click Verify to complete linking the accounts. All the meta data associated with the second account are available in the parent account.

Note: If Account A has Administrator privileges but Account B has only User privileges, then, after Account B is linked to Account A, both Account A and Account B will have Administrator privileges.

Note: If you're configuring a second account with a registered phone number, then, both the accounts are linked automatically.

1. On the Link/Unlink Account section of the User Profile page, click on the red button seen against the account (For e.g., here Account B) that you want to unlink.

2. A verification code will be sent to the registered email ID for the linked account. Type in the verification code and click Verify.

3. After successful verification, the two accounts are unlinked.

Note: Once an account is unlinked, the user cannot login to the account.

Reviewed and Unreviewed Devices

Here the user can get a glimpse of the devices where their account is registered and verified (reviewed) and where it is registered but not reviewed.

What devices will you see here?

Mobile Devices

A mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone will present details such as when it was last synchronized with the user account, what web browsers may have been used, and the exact manufacturer and model of the device. An option to find the device if it gets lost is also provided.

Personal Computers

A personal computer such as a Windows PC or Mac will present you with a few details including what web browsers may have been used to access your account and a list of the most recent locations it was used.


1. To logout from the user activity screen, click the profile icon on the top right of the page, and tap Logout.

2. A confirmation window Do you want to logout? is displayed. Click YES to confirm Logout.

This completes our discussion on the features and settings of User Profile Management.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team.

We'll be happy to help. Thank you!

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