User de-duplication

User deduplication is a process that eliminates redundant copies of the same users and reduces storage overhead. User deduplication techniques ensure that only one unique instance of user is retained on the server.

Our Big Data analytical tools examine user profiles and help to recognize duplicate user profiles, during the registration process itself. Only a single instance of the user is allowed to be registered on your business portal.

For example, a User has already registered on your Business Portal using his email ID When the same User tries to re-register himself on your portal with the same or a similar email ID, cidaas internally checks for ful or partial match on email IDs that are already registered with your portal. It then presents those registered Email IDS to the user at the time of registration. If the User identifies any of those email IDs to be thier own, they can choose to login using that Email ID, rather than create a new User account.

Notes : If he does not identify any of the email IDs, he could continue registering as a new User.

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