Multifactor Authentication with Backup Code

If you lose your phones or otherwise can't receive codes via SMS, voice call, or cidaas authenticator app, you can use backup codes to sign in.

The figure below illustrates the configuration of the Backup code method for 2FA.

Backup Code Configuration

Step 1

On your dashboard page, go to Physical Verification Setup and click onConfigure button seen under the Backup Code option.

Step 2

Ensure that you Keep the backup codes safe but accessible.

The codes come in sets of 10, and you can generate a new set at any point, automatically making the old set inactive. In addition, after you’ve used a backup code to sign in, it will become inactive. - The status of the code (Used/Not Used) is displayed in the Status column.

Step 3

Click on the done button. That's it. We have now set up Backup code as the 2nd factor for the authentication.

Backup Code Usage

Step 1

During Login, select “Login Click here for passwordless authentication, Enter your email and click Proceed. Select Backup Code to login.

Step 2

Enter the Backup code (you need to remember where you have saved this) on the webpage. Click Verify button.

Step 3

You have now successfully logged in to the application/web portal.

Step 4

As already mentioned earlier, once a code is used to login, it cannot be used again. Once all the 10 codes are used, another set of 10 backup codes are automatically generated - which should be kept safe.

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