Scope Groups

To manage scopes better, related scopes are collectively given a name, called scope group.

1 . Click “Create Scopes Groups” button, the below screen gets displayed,

2 . Enter group name

3 . Enter a brief description about group

4 . Click “Save” button, a message window popup “Saved Successfully”, click “OK” button

5 . The added scope groups get displayed in the scope groups grid table, as in the below screen

6 . Once the scope groups is added, Administrator can add the custom scopes under the created “Scope Groups”.

For more information refer Add New Scope

7 . To edit scope groups, click on the icon against created/ existing scope groups, as in the below screen,

8 . Edit changes as required and click “Save” button, the changes get displayed under the scope groups grid table.

9 . "Cancel" button redirects to scope groups grid table.

10 . To delete scope groups, click on the delete button, a message window popup, to confirm the delete, click “YES” if not click “NO”.

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