Edit App

You can edit your existing app details here.

1 . From the created app (i.e. your app screen), as in the below screen,

2 . Click “Edit” button, enter the appropriate changes and click “Save” button, a success message window popup ‘App Saved Successfully’. Click “OK”.

3 . Cancel button redirects to your app screen.

Delete App

You can delete existing app here.

1 . To delete app, click edit button from the created app from your app screen, as in the below screen,

2 . From the app details screen on the below left-hand side, click “Delete App” button, as in the below screen,

Note Only when the App is created the Delete option gets displayed.

3 . A message window popup, as in the below screen

4 . To delete the app, confirm with “YES”. To cancel click “NO” button. A message window popup ‘App Deleted Successfully’. Click “OK”.

5 . Finally the selected app deleted successfully.

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