BOT Detection

Mitigating identity thefts and fraud risks is the top priority of modern enteprises. Today, authentication solutions need to be in-built with automatic fraud detection and prevention capabilities to deliver highly secure and reliable customer experiences.

Through adaptive and analytics-driven technologies, cidaas makes your applications smarter and more capable over time to defend against increasingly sophisticated identity theft and impersonation attacks.

BOT attacks and prevention by CAPTCHA is an integral function of cidaas' comprehensive Fraud Detection System for Registration, Login and Identity management. The BOT Detection advanced setting on cidaas helps protect user identities gainst brute force attacks through an extra layer of authentication, in addition to, the Blocking Mechanism.

A brute force attack is one of the most common threats faced by businesses where attackers make multiple fraudulent attempts to login to an account by trying various combinations of usernames and passwords on the off chance one of them might work.

BOT detection mitigates scripted attacks by detecting when a request is likely to be coming from a BOT. These types of attacks are sometimes called credential stuffing attacks or list validation attacks. It provides protection against certain attacks to add very little friction to legitimate users. When such an attack is detected, it displays a CAPTCHA step in the login experience to eliminate BOT and scripted traffic.

The following section describes how you can implement BOT Detection using CAPTCHA for customer apps through admin dashboard configuration.

BOT Detection Admin Dashboard Setup

This Advanced Settings option on cidaas core lets you Enable or Disable BOT Detection (verifying if the user is human or a robot) on the login or registration page of your application and set the type of CAPTCHA BOT.

Enabling BOT detection, mitigates scripted attacks or credential stuffing attacks by detecting if a sign-in request is coming from a bot. It provides protection against certain attacks adding a little friction to legitimate users.

Under Advanced Settings, click the BOT Detection tab.

Follow the steps below to enable BOT Detection for your app during login.

1. Click the BOT Detection tab to view the configuration window.

By default, this switch is Disabled (turned off). When this switch is disabled, it means the BOT Detection check will not be done on the login page of your application.

2. To enable the option, turn on this switch by clicking on the icon next to the Enable BOT Detection: label.

This will enable BOT Detection and allow you to select an option from the list of configured CAPTCHA BOTS.

3. Click OK and then Save to complete the setup.

The following Success Confirmation Window is displayed.

Click OKAY to acknowledge.

Congratulations! BOT Detection has been enabled for your application.

Advanced BOT Detection for Enterprise Users

cidaas also offers BOT protection for apps via our Advanced Fraud Detection System where potential bot attacks are recognised and handled (not necessarily during login/registration).

Note: This feature is available only for enterprise customers.

Get this feature by Signing up for an enterprise account today!

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our support team.

We'll be happy to help. Thank you!

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