Application Management

In this section we cover all the administration functions for your business Apps such as:

  • Create, edit, & delete Apps.
  • Configure App settings, and
  • Manage Scopes

What is an App?

When you integrate your Business App with cidaas, you may want to modularize the interactions and attributes. Information like Scopes, Roles, Grant-Types, re-direct URLs, and more can be grouped into one configuration/setting cluster. This can be done by creating a cidaas App or a client App. These apps can be accessed by your customers via the services you provide over a web portal, mobile application, or even the back-end applications. Scopes and authorization information can be configured while setting up the cidaas App.

What is a Scope?

A scope specifies what access privileges are being requested as part of the authorization by an application. For example, the email scope requests access to the user's email address. There are certain reserved scopes that are created for OpenID Connect & OAuth 2.0.


  • Scope protects an application, its files, and its data from conflicts with other applications.
  • Scope determines which parts of an application are available for a user mapped to a role with the relevant permissions.
  • Scope allows developers to configure which parts of their application can be acted on by other applications.
Note: Before proceeding further with cidaas integration, it is better if developer understands the OAuth2 Flow.

Continuing further, in order to create your own cidaas app, on the cidaas administration interface, navigate to the Apps menu.

Learn more about configuring Apps, scopes, scope groups and security keys on cidaas with the links below:


App Settings

Scope Management

Scope Groups

Security Keys


How to create an Android App?

How to create an iOS Mobile App?

How to create Windows Mobile App?

How to create Single-Page App?

How to create Regular WebApp?

How to create Non-Interactive Client?

How Scopes Configured on cidaas?


Create New App

Edit App

Delete App

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