Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Reports

MFA Reports provide an overview of the user and the verification type setup for the user.

  1. By default, all configured MFA users list gets displayed.

  2. Click on the user icon, and “User Details” screen gets displayed:

3 . Click on the view icon, and “Multifactor Details” screen gets displayed. This Multifactor details page contains details on the MFA Settings of the particular user, i.e., the types of verification enabled, and also list out configured devices and corresponding details and usage history as mentioned below:

Multifactor Details

Configured Device List

The configured Device List panel contains list of configured device types and make and model and configured time.

Usage History

The usage history panel contains history of multifactor authentication status. By clicking on "Actions" corresponding to the usage types, the Multifactor Authentication details of the user for that instance is displayed as below:

1. Multifactor Initiated When user tries to login via any configured physical verification method, it internally calls this "initiate call". This call contains initiated browser information such as Address, IP Address, Geo location and initiated Time.

2. Multifactor Authenticated Once user responds with appropriate type of data, it initiates physical verifications and when done, it is marked authenticated.

3. Multifactor Acknowledged After above steps,the user is informed about successful authentication. At this time, we can track the status of mfa authentication.

User Details

Click on the user icon, and “User Details” screen gets displayed.

The User details panel contains all configured verification type are list out,and particular user details, users activity etc..

Reference Link on User Details

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication in cidaas allows users to login and access resources without the need to remember a password. Instead of password, cidaas provide a set of options to verify and identify, such as

Using these options for Authentication the user can login and access their services!

The default configured options will be visible for verification as shown below:

For some of these options, you may have to use the cidaas Authenticator App for verification. Using this app allows you to register as well as verify using device sensors. Though information is encrypted and stored in cidaas, the device will be used for verification (for instance: pattern, finger-print)

Users can choose to configure their preferred passwordless method of authentication. This can be done from their profile settings.

To know more about MFA, refer Multi Factor Authentication (i.e. verification using any of these: Email, SMS, IVR, Backup Code, TOTP, Pattern, TouchID, Smart Push, Face and Voice recognition).

All the configured options will then be visible for verification as shown below:

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