Manage Groups

Users need to belong to a group to access roles applications.

As a administrator, you associate groups with applications, so you can manage user access, roles, and permissions in one step. When you add a user to a group with application access, that user automatically counts towards one of your application

In this section Administrator manage the groups which are created under Group Types.

Create Group

Administrator can add the multiple group types under “Manage Group”.

1 . Click “Create Group” button,

2 . Select the group type (which is created under Group Types is mapped to Manage Group) from the drop down

3 . Select the parent group from the drop down

4 . Enter group ID

5 . Enter group name

6 . Enter Logo URL

7 . Enter the Group Type Description

8 . Make user Admin: When this option is enabled, the first user added to the newly created group is given ADMIN role by default.

9 . Enter the custom field

10 . Click “Save” button, a message window popup Saved Successfully after that redirect into manage groups list like given below.

Administrator can able to search group by custom fields key&value through to click the setting icons.

Note: Administrators can search groups by selecting a maximum of 5 custom fields at a time

Note: Administrator can able to filter groups through the Group Name, Group_Id or Groups Types.

Edit Manage Group

11 . To edit the created group, click on the edit icon

12 . Once the appropriate change done click “Save” button, a message window popup “Updated successfully”.

13 . Click “OK” button, the changes get displayed under the manage groups section.

14 . Cancel button redirects to manage groups section. Search Manage Group

15 . From the manage group grid table, select the appropriate manage group

15 . Click search icon, it redirects to User Search screen.

16 . The created group get displayed, as in the below screen,

Invite New User

1 . From the manage group grid table, select the appropriate manage group

2 . Click on Invite New User which redirects to invite user screen , as in the below screen,

Delete Manage Group

1 . From the manage group grid table, select the appropriate manage group, click on delete icon

2 . Click “Delete” icon button, a confirmation window popup,

3 . To confirm the delete, click “YES” button or click “NO” button.

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