Group Types

Group type is a convinient way for administrators to categorize groups.

For Example: A typical IT firm may have different departments created as Groups. HR Group, Junior developers, Senior developers, Network Admins, Mangers, etc. A Group type could have a single group, or if necessary, multiple Groups such as junior and senior developers could belong to a particular group type called Developers.

Roles can be defined for each Group Type, to easier manage access privileges.

How are roles assigned to users? Administrator can create users and assign multiple groups or multiple roles to them. For details, see Create User.

Create Group Type

You can create group type here.

1 . Click on Create Group Type button, the “Create Group Type” screen gets displayed,

2 . Enter group type.

3 . Enter description for group type.

4 . From the drop down select appropriate allowed roles (multiple roles can be set).

5 . Click “Save” button, a message popup “Saved Successfully”.

6 . Click “OK” button, the created group type is displayed under the group types grid table.

Edit Group Type

You can modify your group type.

1 . From the existing group types click on icon , the “Edit Group Type” screen get displayed,

2 . Make the appropriate changes

click “save” button, a message popup “Updated Successfully”.

3 . Cancel button redirects to group types.

Delete Group Types

You can delete group type here.

1 . From the existing group types click on "Delete Group Type" button , a confirmation message popup, to confirm the delete get displayed,

2 . Click “YES” to confirm the group to delete or click “Cancel” button.

How do we create Groups? Manage Group.

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