Enroll Users

In the enrolment process, the face image is acquired with the help of a web door and at the meantime pre-processing is done and after normalization, the entire details of each face are saved in a database (Watchlist).

During enrollment process face image is pre-processed. And after that facial features are extracted using PCA (Principal Component Analysis) and these features along with person data are stored in a database.

Our system person face is again acquired from live videos and then system identify who the user is and whether the user is presented in a Watchlist, and verify the target person from the crowd. While identification involves comparing obtained biometric information with test image.

New User Enrollment

To enroll new users to the group.

1 . Click “New User Enrollment” button

2. Enter the email id and select the group from the dropdown

3 . Click “Save” button, a message window popup as in the below screen,

4 . Click “Allow” button, as in the below screen, block button block website.

5 . Click “Capture” button, the below screen gets displayed

6 . Click “Upload” the captured image gets save against the enroll users email id.

7 . Administrator can recapture the user image.

8 . Cancel button redirects to enroll user screen.

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