cidaas Overview

"Simplifying Enterprise User Identity Management like Never Before."

cidaas- Customer IDentity and Access Management As a Service is a cloud-based secure and enterprise-grade identity service developed by WidasConcepts. It connects all your digital apps, logins, and devices seamlessly on a unified platform to manage user identities and access controls through seamless authentication across multiple channels.

With cidaas, you get a centralized solution to manage users, applications, configuration & security settings, API integrations, and other features in one place, the Administrator portal. It also helps customize workflows for you app based on your enterprise needs.

Built using OAuth 2.0 and Open ID connect standards, cidaas effortlessly integrates your web applications with our pre-built social login, registration, and single sign-on components. cidaas is designed to offer scalability, security,transparency, and high-quality user experience to customer identities management and data.

Leading enterprises prefer cidaas for IAM services because:

  • It offers the flexibility of operating on different user accounts, and catering to a range of application security needs. Security risks are minimized on cidaas while improving customer satisfaction and retention.

  • cidaas' analytics-driven reporting helps monitor and evaluate the security of multiple user accounts efficiently and intuitively.

  • cidaas offers advanced ways of identifying users on applications and controlling their access privileges in lieu of the technological changes and digital transformation in mobility, cloud services, biometric security, and more.

  • cidaas can be integrated easily to any application, platform, service, or technology framework to ensure business continuity through robust IAM.

  • cidaas enables bespoke configuration, authentication and authorization on your enterprise products. Integrate cidaas to your business and gain the leading edge in the market.

Want to leverage our analytics-driven IAM platform for seamless and uncompromised protection? Contact us today!

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