Signup with cidaas

1 . Sign up with cidaas, click on the provided link , the cidaas dashboard get displayed.

2 . From right-hand side, click on Signup Now, a registration page get displays as in the below screen,

Note You can login using the social providers such as, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn.
Reference Link Social Providers

3. Cancel button redirects to cidaas dashboard

4 . Enter email id of the user.

5. Enter password and confirm the entered password.

6 . Enter user first name.

7 . Enter user last name.

8 . Enter mobile number of the user.

9 . From drop down select the appropriate plan as displayed,

Reference Link pricing

10. Select check box against recaptcha.

11. Select check box against ‘I agree with the terms and conditions’.

12. Click “Submit”button, an automatic email notification has been sent to the created user's email id for verification.

To activate cidaas account and to continue further, click on the below hyperlink as in the below screen

13. Welcome to cidaas screen displays, enter account information and address information

14. Click “Next” button, a notification email has been sent to the created user. The below screen gets displayed,

15. User gets the “Login Details” notification email, as in the below screen

16. Once user clicks on the “Your Administrator Portal URL” it redirects to cidaas Administrator Login screen,

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