Getting Started

You can get administrator access to cidaas by registering yourself.

Click here to sign-up with cidaas or check out our pricing plans.

If you are the curious kind, and would like to know more, here is a white paper on cidaas technical integration.

Next steps:

Once you have signed up with cidaas, learn how to integrate it in your applications:

Reference Link how to integrate cidaas

Learn all about configuration options that are available for cidaas Administrator.

What business services or applications do you want to secure access to?

Mobile / Native App
Native and hybrid mobile, desktop

eg: iOS, Android, Xamarin

Single Page WebApp
A JavaScript front-end app that uses an API

eg: Angular, React,javascipt

Regular Web App
Traditional server rendered web app

eg: Java, Node.js, ASP.NET

Mobile/Native Application

Single Page Web Application

Regular Web Application


Node js




Still not sure of what App Type suits your business needs? Refer cidaas App Types.

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