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Google Assistant using cidaas

In this section, you will find steps to use cidaas as an extension to Google Home.

If you are in this section, we assume you are already using Google assistant, and would like to connect cidaas with your Google Home instance!

Overall process would be

  • Sign up for Google Home assistant as developer
  • Activate account linking and configure OAuth in Google Assistant portal
  • Add redirect URL in cidaas app settings

How to configure cidaas as an extension

By configuring cidaas as an extension for Google Home, you can login to Google Home services with your cidaas credentials.

We will guide you through the process — it is quite easy!

1. Sign Up for Google Home Assistant as developer:

2. Create new project to integrate with cidaas or select existing cidaas project (e.g. cidaas Google Assistant in our case)

3. Select Account Linking in the left navigation bar and select Develop tab in the header navigation.

4. Activate Account linking. You will now have the option to allow sign ups via voice, in our tutorial we will focus on the sign up via login page.

5. In the linking type section, select OAuth and select Authorization Code as flow.

6. To configure Google Home assitant OAuth settings, we need to create or select a cidaas app in the cidaas Admin UI. Steps to create a new app in cidaas are mentioned in the latter section.

7. Navigate to cidaas admin UI and select your app (in our case google assistant) and click on edit button to view client ID and client secret.

8. Copy the client id and client secret from the cidaas.

9. Paste the copied client ID and client secret from cidaas admin dashboard to the client ID and client secret section in OAuth configuration in Google Assistant portal.

10. Navigate to Endpoints tab in the cidaas admin dashboard and copy the authorization_endpoint url and token_endpoint url.

11. Paste the copied authorization_endpoint URL from the cidaas Endpoints to the authorizatoin URL section and token_endpoint URL to token URL section in Google Assistant portal.

12. Use as redirect url in cidaas app settings.

Further Configuration

Configure the scopes required by your application (this is optional) (to learn more about scopes check the scope management docs)

Verifying your Configuration

You can now verify configurations made in your Google Home Portal.

1. Now access your service through navigating to your service endpoint.

2. You will be redirected to cidaas Login UI.

3. Use any of the previously configured authentication method of cidaas to login.

Steps to create cidaas app

1. Navigate to cidaas Administrator dashboard -> Apps -> App Settings.

2. Click on Create New App button.

3. Enter app name and then select App type as per your requirement.

4. Under App Settings, select 'email', 'openid', 'profile' as Scopes.

5. Fill out all required information and click on Save button.

Congratulations! This completes the steps to configure cidaas as an extension for Google Home.

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