cidaas extension to Freshworks

cidaas extension to Freshworks

In this section, you will find steps to configure cidaas as an extension to Freshworks.

If you are in this section, we assume you are already using Freshworks, and would like to connect cidaas with your Freshworks instance!

Overall process would be

  • Activate SSO in freshworks
  • Configure cidaas
  • Copy client id, client secret, and endpoint URLs from cidaas and paste it to Freshworks portal
  • Test SSO

How to configure cidaas as an extension

When you configure cidaas as an extension for Freshworks, you can login to Freshworks services with your cidaas credentials.

We will guide you through the process — it is quite easy!

1. Go to your Freshworks account (https://[yourdomain]

2. Select the Security menu on the left navigation bar in your freshworks account. Activate Single Sign On (third option).

Information: Default security policy will be applicable to all admins/agents logging in to the organization. You can create custom policies to configure SSO for contacts or to cater to agents in a specific portal. For both default and custom policies the single sign on can be configured same way, in this example we showcase how it works for Agents and Admins.

3. Select OpenID Connect as Login Method.

4. Login to cidaas Admin console and select the App you want to use or create a new app.

In order to get client ID, client secret, logout url's, you need to create an "App" in cidaas.

To learn more on how to create new app in cidaas, refer Steps to create a cidaas app at the later sections of this page.

5. Copy the Client ID from cidaas to the Client id section in Freshdesk admin portal.

6. Copy the Client Secret from cidaas to the Client Secret section in Freshdesk admin portal.

7. Select the scopes you want to use in cidaas Admin portal and configure same in Freshdesk admin Portal (to learn more about scopes see (

8. Navigate to Endpoints located in the left menu-bar of cidaas admin dashboard.

9. Copy the authorization_endpoint from cidaas Endpoints menu (well-known url) to Authorization URL section in the fresh desk admin portal (it should look like this: https://{your_baseurl}/authz-srv/authz)

10. Copy the token_endpoint from cidaas Endpoint menu (well-known.url) to Access token URL section in the fresh desk admin portal (it should look like this: https://{your_baseurl}/token-srv/token)

11. Test your configuration by accessing your fresh service instance (https://[yourdomain] As long as you have activated both Single sign-on and Freshworks login you will see a simple email and password login as well as the single sign on login. You can test by clicking on single sign on, you will get redirected to cidaas login page after a successful attempt you can also deactivate the Freshworks login.

Further configurations:

You can also add logout URLs marked optional to redirect the user when they logout. Navigate to app settings in cidaas admin dashboard and copy Allow Logout URLs to Logout URL in the fresh desk admin portal.

Steps to create cidaas app

This section provides steps to create "App" using cidaas administration interface, which is available after you sign up with cidaas.

1. Navigate to cidaas Administrator dashboard -> Apps -> App Settings.

2. Click on Create New App button.

3. Enter app name and then select App type as per your requirement.

4. Under App Settings, select 'email', 'openid', 'profile' as Scopes.

5. Fill out all required information and click on Save button.

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