cidaas as an extension

cidaas can be used as an extension for various customer platforms including Typo3, WordPress, etc.

Once cidaas is configured as an extension, the customer platform can make use of all the features provided by cidaas. i.e, Single sign on, Passwordless authentication, Social logins, etc.

You can connect cidaas through various ways like OAuth 2.0, OpenID connect, SAML and Plugins.

Configure cidaas as an extension

Here, you can find various possiblities of integrating cidaas into different platforms.

1. Cidaas Plugins

cidaas extension for Typo3

cidaas plugin for Wordpress

cidaas plugins for Shopware

2. Open Source Plugins

Typo3 using OIDC

Wordpress using OIDC

3. Out of the Box Integrations

Gsuite using SSO

Dropbox using SSO

PagerDuty using SSO

PagerTree using SSO

Alexa using SSO

Atlassian using SSO

Freshworks using SSO

Google Home using OAuth

Zendesk using SSO

OwnCloud using SSO

GitLab using SSO

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