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Cidaas Extension to Alexa (Amazon)

In this section, you will find steps to configure cidaas as an extension to Alexa.

If you are in this section, we assume you are already using Alexa, and would like to connect cidaas with your Alexa skill instance!

Overall Process would be:

  • Log in to Amazon developer console and configure cidaas as Alexa skill
  • Configure basic linking account settings in Alexa
  • Copy cleint ID, client secret, and endpoits from cidaas dashboard and paste to Alexa skill configuration
  • Copy Logout URLS from Alexa skill configuration and paste to cidaas dashboard

Configuring cidaas extension for Alexa

1. Login to your Amazon Developer console and Go to Alexa Skill set ( under Alexa and select skill as cidaas.

2. Select Tools from the left navigation bar and click on Account Linking

3. You will find some basic settings at the top, please enable: Do you allow users to create an account or link to an existing account with you?

Further options you can enable based on your needs and requirements.

The Account Linking feature in Alexa is based on OpenID Connect.

4. In the Alexa Skill configuration select the Auth Code Grant.

5. In order to get client ID, client secret, logout url's, and selected scopes, you need to select the cidaas App you want to link to the Alexa Skill (or create a new one for it).

To learn more on how to create new app in cidaas, refer Steps to create a cidaas app at the later sections of this page.

6. Login to your cidaas admin dashboard and select app (in our case Alexa skill)

7. Navigate to Endpoints located in the left menu-bar of cidaas admin dashboard. Copy the authorization_endpoint and cidaas Token Endpoint from cidaas Endpoints menu (well-known url) to the Alexa Skill configuration. Copy the Authorization_endpoint which should look like this: https://{your_baseurl}/authz-srv/authz) and Access Token URI.

8. Navigate to your app in cidaas dasboard. Copy the cidaas Client ID and Client Secret and paste to your Client ID and Client Secret section in the Alexa Skill configuration.

9. Select the scopes for your cidaas app, and add same scopes to the Scope section in the Alexa skill configuration. Also paste the the authorization_endpoint and cidaas Token Endpoint from cidaas Endpoints menu (well-known url) to the Alexa Skill configuration

To learn more about scopes, please see scopes

In this case we selected:

  • openid
  • profile
  • email
  • offline_access

10. Copy the redirect Urls from the Alexa Redirect URLs to the cidaas redirect and logout urls section and click on save.

That's it, now you have configured the Alexa Account Linking feature with cidaas. Make sure you test it in your context and utilise the different features of cidaas and Alexa.

Steps to create cidaas app

This section provides steps to create "App" using cidaas administration interface, which is available after you sign up with cidaas.

1. Navigate to cidaas Administrator dashboard -> Apps -> App Settings.

2. Click on Create New App button.

3. Enter app name and then select App type as per your requirement.

4. Under App Settings, select 'email', 'openid', 'profile' as Scopes.

5. Fill out all required information and click on Save button.

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