Document Protector:

You may have several documents that you would want to share with Customers. However, you would also like to prevent misuse where unintended audience gain access to the documents.

cidaas Document Protector helps in securing your documents by ensuring that the authenticity of person accessing is known and tracked.

To setup a document to be protected, Navigate to "Document Protector" menu. Click on Add Document button on the top right corner.

The administrator can customize short link url to make it more professional and contextual and the same should reflect in the email templates Ex: Domain


For an administrator to setup the general configuration of the document

  • Enter the display name of the document.

  • Enter the document url you would like to protect

  • How this document protected from your end by default its Open URL and one more thing is apikey.

  • APIKEY: Administrator can secure their generated urls through the api keys via api keys header or Query Params.

  • Request Method: This refer to method to call the protected document api through the following calls (GET, POST).


The administrator can specify the expire time of the generated link. By default never expire option is set to true. If administrator disables this expiry time, in the date picker, the expiry date and time have to specified.

The generated link can be secured in the following ways:

  • NONE

NONE: If you choose NONE option there is no security to the document, any user can view/download your document.

CIDAAS: Only users with specific roles and scopes can access the document. The administrator can specify a particular user who has to be granted access to the document. If administrator the user is not specified, by default, all cidaas users can access this document.

API KEY Administrator can secure their generated url through the api keys via api keys header or Query Params.

Once all the above required fields are filled, click on submit button.

Once the administrator adds documents, they are listed in a table format where they can be updated or removed.

After protecting document, when someone tries to view / download that document (whitepaper or any such document), the system will prompt the user to provide his email address that is already registered for their email address that is already registered in the portal.

This can be seen by going to the protected document site and clicking on the whitepapaer (or any protected document), and cidaas asks email to the user for verifying identity. Once email is entered in the text box, user can download.

User will then get notification to entered email, which contains document URLS that is encrypted for security purpose.

User can click on (view/download) and view documents.

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