App Links

App Links are a special type of deep link that allow your website URLs to immediately open the corresponding content in your Android app.

For example, you have the URL and the same content is also available on your native app. If the user clicks this link on an Android device and App Links are properly configured, the link will open the content on the native app if it’s installed, but would otherwise open the URL in the browser. This is a great experience for the user who has already invested in downloading the app and deserves a better native experience.

Here’s the redirect logic of the App Link:

  • Open app with intent if installed
  • Fall back to web link if not installed

The following image will illustrate the flow of app-links,

App linking technologies

App links can be integrated in various technologies, better known as

Above links will be helpful to integrate app link feature to your mobile application which uses cidaas as well. You can follow the steps as per your application platform.

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