Administrator Dashboard

On signing up with cidaas, you receive your own Administrator Portal URL. Upon log in, the Administrator Dashboard page is displayed.

To sign up, please visit this link.

This provides an overview of the vital statistics related to your business with respect to your customers. For a given month, the following analysis could be obtained:

  • Total number of registered users

  • Total number of sms consumed count list

  • Total number of email consumed count list

  • Total number of login failures see Login Failure Report

  • Statistical overview of new users on your portal based on the time period.

  • Last 10 registered users with cidaas

  • Last 10 user activity in cidaas with date and time.

  • Graphical representation of an overview of the New and Returning users based on a date range filter see New/Returning Users

  • Graphical representation of an overview of the customer growth i.e. number of users registered (day wise/ week wise/ month wise/ year wise)

  • Graphical representation of registered user login location

  • Graphical representation of total active users

  • Graphical representation of provider-wise statistics such as(Registration Count and Login Count)

The overview of all the statistics mentioned above is displayed here:

The dashboard is a central console for the Administrator with regard to managing all the cidaas services. A user friendly interface, with a comprehensive list of functionalities as listed below:

List of Features Description

Application Management

Each app is a technically-spoken channel to your business. An administrator can `create, edit, delete an App and configure the App settings.`
Click here to know more ...

Manage Users

Very intuitive and simple, yet powerful interface that gives an overview of the users via the search function. Option to `add, edit, delete and invite a user` is provided.Click here to know more ...

Configuration Settings

Configuration settings allows an administrator to configure a wide range of features - `Social providers, Hosted Page, Consent Management and so on...` Click here to know more ...

Multifactor Authentication Settings

Multifactor Authentication (MFA) Settings allows an administrator to configure an additional layer of security for end-users. such as Face-Recognition, Touch-ID, FIDO, Voice etc.. Click here to know more ...

Manage Reports

cidaas provides useful insights on various aspects - number of `active/in-active users, the wise usage of social-providers, device usage, quota management, demographic information among others.` Click here to know more ...

Access Control

This network-based security system has been designed to simplify installation and ease of use. Security products such as surveillance door, intruder alarms, assault alarms, access control nodes, fire warning and beacon and geofencing systems can be integrated into a single platform. Click here to know more ...

Manage Groups

Users can be grouped into internal groups with an associated administrator for each group. Click here to know more ...

Document Protector

Administrators can now secure your documents with the help of cidaas document protector – An easy way to set access permissions and expiry options on documents to ensure that only the privileged personnel can view/download the respective documents
Click here to know more..

Update Management

A notification with corresponding release notes is displayed in the Update Management section of the cidaas Admin Portal
Click here to know more..


OAuth2 endpoints can be defined for the various web server URIs of your business.` for authorization, access token, redirection, logout, etc.` Click here to know more ...

Help and Support

For any queries please contact our Support Team:
a. Email : or Tel: +49\(0\)7044 95103-100
b. Create a support ticket at:
c. Website :

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