Configuring LinkedIn as a Social Provider

In this section, we will show you how to provide an option to login with LinkedIn login, on your cidaas Login page.

Configure your login page with social providers

By configuring LinkedIn as a social provider in cidaas, you will get a new option called Login with LinkedIn in the login page of your cidaas application and Signup with LinkedIn in the registration page of your cidaas application.

Overall process would be

  • On LinkedIn developers console : Generate clientID and client secret
  • On cidaas admin portal : Add LinkedIn client id and client secret in cidaas application
  • On cidaas admin portal : Select appropriate cidaas applications for which you want to enable LinkedIn as a social provider

We'll guide you through the process — it's pretty easy.

Generate clientID and client secret in LinkedIn

In this section, we'll guide you to create a app in LinkedIn developers console and how to generate client id and client secret from LinkedIn developers console.

If you don't have an active LinkedIn account, create a new account here, before proceeding.

1. Login to your LinkedIn account and navigate to And click on Create app button.

2. A page to enter your app details will appear. Please enter the appropriate details. In the Website URL field, enter the following URL,

Website URL: https://your_cidaas_domain

Company Name The name of your company
Application Name The name of your app
Application Description The description about the application
Application Use Select your application usage (eg., business, services etc..)
Website URL Your website URL
Business Email Your business email
Business Phone Your business mobile number

3. Click on Submit Button.

4. Enter the following URL in the Authorized Redirect URLs field and click on Add button as shown in the image below,

5. On the same page, you will be able to get your Client ID and Client Secret under the Authentication Keys section.

Copy/Make note of the Client Id and Client Secret seen in the Authentication keys section.

Configure social provider setup in cidaas

In this section, you'll find steps on how to add LinkedIn client id and client secret in your cidaas application and how to choose cidaas client applications, for which you want to enable LinkedIn as a social provider.

1. Now, navigate to cidaas Admin dashboard -> Settings -> Login Providers -> Social Providers

2. Click on edit icon corresponding to LinkedIn provider from the list.

3. Enter the client ID and client secret which you obtained from LinkedIn developer console to respective text fields. You can also enable/disable LinkedIn in cidaas admin portal as well as user portal as per your requirement.

You should ignore the Default scope in scopes section (\take defaults\)

4. Under Configure Clients for LinkedIn section, you find a list of various applications created in your cidaas account. Select appropriate applications for which you want to enable LinkedIn as a social provider. After mapping the required clients, click on Save button.

Note: Administrator can configure single provider to more than one client.

Reference Link how to configure Custom provider? cidaas allows administrator to configure additional identity providers than what is offered by it, by default. This identity provider can be your favorite/business email ID provider or your own company LDAP/identity server.

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