Configuring Facebook as a Social Provider

In this section, we will show you how to provide an option to login with facebook login, on your cidaas Login page.

Configure your login page with social providers

By configuring facebook as a social provider in cidaas, you will get a new option called Login with Facebook in login page of your cidaas application and Signup with Facebook in the registration page of your cidaas application.

Overall process would be

  • On facebook developer portal : Create an application in Facebook developers account
  • On facebook developer portal : Configure Facebook Login
  • On facebook developer portal : Generate clientID and client secret in Facebook developers account
  • On cidaas : Add facebook client id and client secret in cidaas application
  • On cidaas : Select appropriate applications for which you want to enable Facebook as a social provider

We'll guide you through the process — it's pretty easy.

Create an application in Facebook developers account

In this section, we'll guide you to create an app in facebook developers console and how to generate app id from facebook developers console.

If you don't have an active facebook account, create a new account here, before proceeding.

1. Login to your facebook account and navigate to developers.facebook.com/apps. Allow Developer access to your account if prompted.

2. Click on Add a new app button to create a new Facebook developer application.

3. Provide a display name for your app and enter required contact email as shown in the screen below. Then click on Create App ID button.

4. Perform security check as shown below and click on Submit button.

Configure Facebook Login

In this section, we'll guide you to the steps on how to set up facebook login for your application using Valid OAuth redirect URI option.

1. Click on add products icon in the side menu. On the Products page, click on Setup button under Facebook Login.

2. Choose Quick start from side menu and select the platform for your app. For example (Web)

Enter required details for the platform which you selected,

3. Upon giving required details and clicking on save, the Quick start page for Facebook Login appears. Then click on the Settings menu and enter the following URL in the Valid OAuth redirect URIs field. Then click on Save changes button.

Site URL: https://your_cidaas_domain/oauth2-social-service/callback/facebook

Make your App Public

By default, your application will be in Developer mode, to make it work live you need to make your application Public.

Follow below steps to make your application public,

1. Click on App Review on the side menu. “Make (Your App Name) App public?” will get displayed along with a slider.

2. Move the slider to Yes.

Get your App ID and App Secret

1. Choose Basic section under Settings in the side menu and fill the privacy terms and conditions and domain urls as shown below,

2. Enable your app for production use. (Move the slider as highlighted in the image below to “yes”)

3. Choose the relevant category in the pop-up window that is displayed and click on Continue.

4. Now App id and App secret for your application will appear as shown below, Click on Show to view the App Secret

You may be required to re-enter your facebook password.

6. Copy/make note of this App ID and App Secret.

Configure social provider setup in cidaas

In this section, you'll find steps on how to add facebook client id and client secret in your cidaas application and how to choose client applications for which you want to enable Facebook as a social provider.

1. Now, navigate to cidaas Admin dashboard -> Settings -> Login Providers -> Social Providers

2. Click on edit icon corresponding to the Facebook app from the list.

3. Enter the App ID and App Secret which you obtained from facebook. Select the Permissions for each of the features you want to allow your app to access. You can also enable/disable facebook in cidaas admin portal as well as user portal as per your requirement. Click on Save button.

4. Under Configure Clients for Facebook section, you find a list of various applications created in your cidaas account. Select appropriate applications for which you want to enable Facebook as a social provider.

Note: Administrator can configure single social provider to many clients.

5. After mapping all the required clients, click on Save button.

Reference Link how to configure Custom provider? cidaas allows administrator to configure additional identity providers than what is offered by it, by default. This identity provider can be your favorite/business email ID provider or your own company LDAP/identity server.

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