Opt-in Reminder

Opt-in Reminder provides an option to send an automatic email reminder to the users. The reminder is sent when verification status is in “Pending” and need action from the user end. There is an option to specify certain time after which the account which are not activated get deleted by cidaas.

Opt-in Reminder

1. Select the reminder from the drop down, the below list of reminders is available,

2. To set the reminder time in hours for “First Reminder”, select the “Enable First Reminder After” checkbox,

3. Enter the hours From User Creation Time the below screen gets displayed

4. Enter the appropriate subject

5. Select the appropriate placeholders from the drop down and click “Save Reminder” button, a message window popup “Reminder Saved Successfully”.

Decline Users

To delete the unverified/ not activated users account,

1. Select the “Enable the Option to Delete Unverified Users” checkbox.

2. Enter the User Creation Time in hour format.

3. Click “Save” button.

4. A message window popup “Unverified User Deletion Time Saved Successfully”,

5. Click “OK” button to save.

Note To Delete Unverified Users, the reminder Time should be set greater than the total number of reminders time set for the user.

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