The Administration of Custom Templates

Custom templates are web templates that you can display to your end user, for a specific event. This might be based on your specific business needs. For instance you may want to show a Custom Web page, to inform users about server maintenace, outage or any such events. You can use Custom template in such scenarios.

Navigate to cidaas Admin dashboard -> Settings -> Templates

1. Click on Developer Templates option to create custom template.

2. Click on Create Custom Template button to create new custom template.

3. Creating an email notification involves specifying when to send it, how to configure, and what it contains. those information are already explained in the Templates section.

4. Once created, custom template information can be edited by clicking on Edit icon.

Note : We can create custom template for different communication type such as Email, SMS, IVR and Push.

How to use Custom Templates via API :

We can use the created custom template while sending custom notifications through Email, SMS, IVR and Push.

Let us see, how to use custom template while sending email notification:

1. Open the rest api client (ex : Postman, RestClient... ), call the email notification service.

2. Send your Custom template key in the request body.

3. Add acccess token in the header.

4. Click on the send button to submit the API request.

5. You'll get the positive response upon successful hit. The recipient will also get the corresponding email.

Note : In similar way, We can use custom template for other communication types too (ie., for SMS, IVR and Push).

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