Active Directory Providers

cidaas allows administrator to configure additional active directory providers than what is offered by it. This active directory provider can be your own company LDAP or Identity server.

The option Login Providers, within Admin settings in cidaas admin portal allow an Administrator to set up your active directory provider and use the same for user login. To create your own active directory provider, click on AD option as shown below,

Provider configuration can be seen below,

The details of your provider includes:

Provider Name : Name of the provider you want to add.

Display Name : Name of the provider that you would like to display.

Logo URL : Logo to be displayed.

Connection String : Connection string of your provider.

Base DN : Base dn of your provider.

Bind DN : Bind dn of your provider.

Bind Credential : Credential of your provider.

Click on the Save button to create your provider.

Now your active directory provider had created, and info can be edited by clicking on the edit icon.

After creating an active directory provider successfully, we need to enable it on your business application through the following steps.

Navigate to Admin Dashboard -> Apps -> App Settings

1. Click on Login providers under Advance settings in app section. From the drop down, select active directory providers checkbox (multiple checkbox can be selected)

2. Click on Save button.

This enables active directory provider on your portal successfully and will be visible next/later to other social provider options available during login.

After entering user credentials for AD provider, it will redirect to respective page.

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