cidaas Offers You


  • Securing your portals and Web APIs using OAuth2 and OpenID Connect.
  • Cloud Services are hosted in Germany: Responsible handling of customer data in accordance with the German Data Protection Act.
  • Multi-Factor Authorization: Additional security in case of any unauthorized access attempt.
  • Additional protection by Automatic Monitoring: Automatic verification of the token, the roles and scopes in the background for each request.
  • Fraud & Anomaly Detection: Using Machine learning algorithms and Big Data technology.


  • Single Sign-On (SSO): End user’s login using a single identity across all channels and services of the provider.
  • cidaas Webhooks: Advanced Event handling using Webhooks in cidaas.
  • Users manage their profiles on their own, regarding social identities, password, preferred communication, devices used and many more.
  • User Self-Services: Registered users manage their account in a dedicated user-site themselves. This way, passwords or mail addresses are updated by the customer.

User Verification

  • Behavioral Analysis: Access tokens is monitored using advanced Big Data Technology and can thus be clearly assigned to a user.
  • Opt-in: After registration an automatic verification is received via email, SMS, or phone calls.
  • User de-duplication: Using advanced machine learning algorithms.


  • Client Specific Custom Fields in the User Data: cidaas offers its customers a multitude of freely specifiable custom fields for capturing tailored customer data. This profile information can be retrieved easily using OpenID Connect integration.
  • Custom UI and email templates.
  • Interceptors and SDKs at your disposal.


  • Automatic Reminder Towards Profile Activation: cidaas reminds the end user automatically after registration, to activate his profile. This helps in the validation of the specified contact information.
  • Scalable and agile 'software as a service'.
  • Zero down time and 24/7 customer support.


  • Create Custom App: Custom client-apps can be registered for use with cidaas to increase the application scope.
  • My Apps: Use your own apps in the cloud.
  • Third Party Apps: Benefit from the huge range of the already available apps!

Social login integration

  • Social Media Registration: Users can comfortably register using their favorite social network. Valuable customer information from their social data can be thus gained.


  • PSD2 offering.
  • B2C, B2B, B2E, solutions.
  • Enterprise Support: AD, LDAP and ADFS Integration.

Analytics and reports

Data from diverse Social Providers give insights on customer interests, hobbies, behavior pattern, user content, activities, demographic information, media preferences - cidaas transforms this information into useful knowledge for your business!

Benefit from the value-add that modern Big Data Technologies and IoT have in offer and get more successful in the market!

Getting started with cidaas

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