cidaas Swagger API Docs

cidaas API documentation is available in the form of extensive Swagger documentation, for software developers to try and understand the parameters, request data, response data,arguments and their usage of cidaas API

Advantages of cidaas swagger API

This documentation allows software developers to try out APIs and resolve errors thus saving time during development

How to work with cidaas Swagger API

API documentations are mainly for developers and it is available only on test and free environment.

A one time configuration has to be carried out by Client Administrator to setup. Once this is done, any developer can follow the steps described under "procedure to access swagger API" below.

Configuring Swagger UI

  • In the cidaas administration, administrator has to navigate to Apps Settings.

  • Select relevant App that requires API documentation

  • Administrator should register redirect URI into the corresponding business applications. The URI should be like this (

Note Until above configurations are made, developers cannot access cidaas swagger api.

Procedure to access Swagger API

  • These procedures are carried out by developer who wishes to access Swagger API documentation of cidaas.

  • You/Developer can login and navigate to cidaas Admin Dashboard -> API Docs

  • Select your appropriate redirect url (

  • Select version numbers from the dropdown.

Note By default it will show latest swagger api version, if invalid parameter is shown on the query string.
  • Click on "View" button once all above mandatory fields are filled.

All available APIs are listed in next page. However, to use these API, a valid access token is required. In order to provide this, click on "Authorize".

Following window is shown, where scope can be selected to grant application access. On this confirmation page, simply click "Authorize".

Login again so that system can utilize this access token during your usage of APIs, which have been granted privilege in previous screen.

After successfull login, you will be automatically redirected back to swagger pages (redirect uri) with your recent access token.

You may be shown a pop-up window with available authorizations. You can close that and start using the Swagger documentation. When you are done with API usage, you can logout by simply clicking on "Authoize".

Thats it! Happy programming!

for more details about swagger refer this site:

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