The following things are to be kept in mind while integrate our cidaas sdk

Configuring App/Client:

When you are integrating your own Business App with cidaas, you may want to modularize the interactions and attributes. There are several information like Scope, Roles, Grant-Types, re-direct URLs etc., that you may want to group into one configuration/settings. This can be done by creating cidaas App or Client.

The steps here will guide you through set up and management of authentication and authorization in your apps using cidaas SDK.

Click here for Sample Project.


minSdkVersion 21 => Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)


In order to get cidaas SDK integrated to your Andriod App, you have to follow instructions below.

To install it, add the following line to your app level gradle file; Add it in your root build.gradle under all projects’ repositories section :

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

Add the dependency to app module

dependencies {
implementation 'com.github.Cidaas:cidaas-v2-sdk-android:1.0.0'
Reference Link: Please refer to our GitHub project to get latest version of native Android SDK.

The cidaas sdk provides the following functionalities and features, which are very easy to integrate into your application!

**1. Registration

  1. Login
  2. Passwordless login
  3. Forgot Password
  4. Consent Management
  5. De-duplication
  6. Multifactor Authentication
  7. Reset Password
  8. Account Verification
  9. Getting Request_Id, Client info, Tenant info, User Info
  10. Get Access Token
  11. Get access token by refresh_token**

Please refer to our GitHub project to see details for the above listed features, and how to integrate, manage, authenticate & authorize using cidaas sdk:

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